Farb giveaway at CraftyMamas

June 10, 2010

Lisa from Crafty Mamas has a fabulous giveaway.  Hop on over to craftymamas.blogspot.com to check it out!  I have a few metres coming to me too.  Our favourite farb pattern is Berit – great pattern for cool pants for boys or girls.  Can’t wait to make yet another pair in my new farb fabric.


Tessuti mail arrived and 2nd birthday give away

November 28, 2009

Tessuti are celebrating their 2nd birthday with a $100 giveaway.  Just leave a comment about your favourite pattern to be in the running.  I have their storm scratching, raining petals and a couple of fun cottons queuing up for the miele.

ooh la la

November 28, 2009

aren’t these lovely?  worth the wait.

I’ve just preordered the rooibus, oolong, sencha and because I couldn’t resist free postage.. the  ceylon.  I think the buttoned dress might even do for feeding babies…

Give away at the Handmaden for RetroMummy

November 28, 2009

The lovely Handmaden has teamed up with Retro Mummy to bring us a $50 voucher giveaway for fabric goodies.  Have you entered yet?

I have already enjoyed the retromummy shopping experience and it is devine.  Really quick post, great value and fabric was exactly as pictured.  Fingers crossed!


Fabric from Gardams

November 27, 2009


Get your scissors Sally

November 26, 2009

Well, the sewing room floor disappeared long ago.  Any day I’m expecting deliveries from Crafty Mamas, Tessutis, some cheapy patterns from Vogue and Butterick online.   Three weeks to put my new skills to use – a new wardrobe for work that fits!

I’ll have some fabric pics over the weekend.

gratuitous tuscany photo, post tasting lunch.

A happy post really

November 26, 2009

Ahhh, a baby.  But he was not my baby yet.  I thought he was my husband’s and I was jealous.  But now I know he was not.  Mostly he was Nonna’s baby.  And I know there is God, because God made sure we asked Nonna to be with us.

It is very close to 22 months since Asch birthed.  This is the day he was born, sleeping in our room with his dad.  His dad took this photo.  He is lovely hey?  Not a tiny baby, but a strong one.  And lots of  red hair that would make a 1 year old proud.  And he kept it. Asch is very quiet here, exhausted.  My husband can hear him breathing, and tiny little kissing sounds when he moves his mouth.  He could smell Asch if he just would move closer.  But my husband is sad and worried, and he does not know this little person yet.  Asch is perfect, a picture of health.

We are all sleeping in a small private hospital, that we just love and would consider again.

I am not in this room.  I am not with my son.  I am not with my husband for the day our son is born.  We are not together.  Despite our best efforts this is not the day we imagined for our family. 

There is a hole in my heart that goes all the way to China. 

We have better days.  Many months later.  Then we had great weeks.  And lately we’ve had great months really.  So great in fact that we talk about another life.  And holding new babies gives us a little flutter of excitement, rather than a deep ache.  My husband told me today he held a newborn and was thrilled.  And I am relieved we have turned a corner. 

And somewhere still I am angry.  This is what our family should have been.

A lovely day for mummy and A

November 26, 2009

Asch had a lovely time today at playschool, learning ‘hide & seek’, watching the gas men fix the gas line, watching the dishwasher man at work, playing shops and bopping to xmas carols.  Such a good time in fact, that he was really upset to leave…  have to work on that one.

Mummy had a great time too.  I’ve been trying to get to Gardams so I could get a ‘feel’ of some fabric rather than just buying online.  A happy coincidence was the 20% off all fabric that I didn’t know about.  Here are the fabrics I managed to pick up Argghhh – Mike took card reader to work and left it there!!!!!!!!.  Only one from the remanent bin – which is the very traditional plaid.   I also have some fabric from Crafty Mamas and Tessutis coming shortly.  Plus patterns from the Vogue and Butterick sales and my first Burda from CM.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame St

November 25, 2009

Picanini has another great giveaway for cloth nappy mamas…  Funky Sesame St PUL in nice bright colours.  Would make fab nappy or change mat cover.

cookie exchange.

November 25, 2009

A lovely photo of one of the cookies at last Sunday’s gathering.  It was the most perfectly sized and formed melting moment I’ve ever had.  11 mums, 9 toddlers and my obliging dh.